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9 Nail-Biting Suspense Books You Must Read

Are you looking for some suspense books? Remember not to eat your fingers alive.

Some suspense books can make you bite your nails from the stress that they might deliver, but the ones down below can stun you right away.

We have put together the description of 9 nail-biting and finger-eating books to accompany your shelf this season.

When you are done reading them, be sure to let us know which one you like the most and why!

9 Suspense Books That Can Make You Bite Your Nails

Laura’s Last Words

Author: M.A. Francis.

Published: 2020.

Can a bond form between loss and anger?

Frank Dawson had an accident six weeks ago – several years prior to it remain a blank. He feels lost. Now living at a B&B in The Lake District run by his wife, Janet, and her mother, Frank searches daily to recall his lost years, though lies from an uncaring wife only add to confusion. The closer Frank edges towards recovery, the more hostile Janet becomes, but why?

Dee Fenwick, a student psychologist, finds herself in a desperate search. Fuelled by anger and grief, she must find the reason her beloved sister took her own life. Blinkered in her quest, Dee also battles to retain custody of her young daughter. One man holds answers that may give Dee closure and he left Manchester too soon after Laura’s death. Rightly or not, Dee is suspicious.

1.     Verity

Author: Lowen Ashleigh

Published: 2018

Genre: Suspense books, thriller.

Lowen Ashleigh is a hustling writer, and now, she stands on the brink of experiencing a financial crisis. But this is when her opportunity reaches her. The best selling author, Verity Crawford, is injured and can’t continue to write her book.

Understanding her concern, Jeremy Crawford, her husband, decides to look for a writer to continue her incomplete works. That’s when he comes across Lowen Ashleigh. Accepting the opportunity of her life, she arrives at the Crawford home to sort out the notes and the outlines to begin working right away. However, what steals her attention away is an unfinished autobiography that the best-selling author never wanted anyone to read.

Now, as the struggling writer turn the pages of a nail-biting autobiography containing chilling confessions, including about the day when their daughter died, she continues to realize why this needs to be hidden from Jeremy. However, she feels that this message needs to be communicated to Jeremy as her feelings for him intensifies. But, these chilling confessions are going to make it hard for Jeremy to continue to love her.

2.     Sharp Objects

Author: Gillian Flynn.

Published: 2006.

Genre: Suspense books, thriller.

Reporter Camille Preaker is assigned a troubling assignment in which she is required to go to her small hometown to uncover the mysterious and unsolved murder of a preteen girl and the disappearance of another. Although she is recently back from a brief stay at a psych hospital, she finds herself identifying with the victims pretty strongly.

Moreover, she is dogged by her demons and a troubled past, which features her neurotic, hypochondriac mother. She has hardly talked in years and a half-sister that she barely knows. Considering all of these circumstances, she is not mentally prepared for what is nothing short of a horrifying homecoming.

3.     Billy Summers

Author: Stephen King.

Published: 2021

Genre: Best suspense books, crime.

Billy Summers is a man in a room with a gun. He’s a killer that you can hire to eliminate someone, but only if he’s truly a bad guy. But at this stage of his life, he wants out.

However, here’s the problem: There’s one hit pending. Billy is the best in the business, and he has the best sniper skills in the world, a highly-skilled Iraqi War Vet,  Houdini, when it comes to hiding after the hit. So, what could get in his way? Everything.

4.     Big Little Lies.

Author: Liane Moriarty.

Published: 2014.

Genre: Suspense books.

Madeline, a passionate girl with a sense of humour and the skill of biting, and that she remembers everything and forgives no one. On the other hand, Celeste is a stop and stare piece of beauty with an illusion of perfection, for which she is paying an immense price. Now new to town and young, Jane is a single mother easily mistaken for a nanny. As for Jane, she has an uncovered past featuring a particular level of sadness. Now, no matter how different all of these are, they all will end up in one place.

5.     The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Author: Stieg Larsson

Published: 2009/2011

Genre: Suspense books. Thriller, crime novels, mystery,

Harriet Vanger, a scion from one of the wealthiest families in Sweden, disappeared over forty years ago. But still, it doesn’t stop her aged uncle from continuing on a path to find her girl. To further his investigations and hope to know about her whereabouts, he hires a crusading journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, who is recently trapped by a libel conviction.

6.     The Judge’s List.

Author: Lacy Stoltz.

Published: October 19, 2021 (expected).

Genre: Suspense books. Thriller, legal thriller, political thriller.

Lacy Stoltz makes a shocking discovery during investigations of a corrupt judge. Corrupt because he has taken bribes accounting for not a million but MILLIONS.

Each penny of these bribes belongs to a crime syndicate. Later down the investigation, she meets a mysterious woman who is so frightened that she uses multiple aliases. But, here’s the dilemma. Suspicions are easy enough, but the proof seems impossible. As for the corrupt judge, he is under Lacy’s jurisdiction. He is a list of unsuspecting people who crossed his path and ended up in undeserving trouble. The raging question is, how can she handle his case without becoming the next name on his list?

7.     The Woman In Cabin 10.

Author: Ruth Ware.

Published: 2016.

Genre: Suspense books. Thriller, mystery.

Lo Blacklock, a journalist who is being handed an opportunity of her lifetime. She is a writer for a travel magazine who has been tasked to spend a week on a luxury cruise with a few cabins.

Everything is not only under control but beautiful. The sky is clear, and the waters are calm. At first, her stay is peaceful and pleasant. But just as the week goes on, unforgiving winds hit the deck and starts to build up a nightmare for everyone involved. The nightmare? A woman is being thrown overboard because everyone else on the ship remains accounted for, and it sails on as if nothing has happened. On the quiet contrary, Lo is desperate to convey that something (0r someone) has gone wrong!

8.     The Last Thing He Told Me

Author: Laura Dave.

Published: 2021.

Genre: Suspense books, thriller, mystery

Hannah, a wife of one year, receives a note from her disappeared husband, Owen Michaels. He was able to smuggle a two-word letter to her wife that said: Protect Her.

Who? Hannah knew precisely whom that note referred to. It was his sixteen-year-old daughter who tragically lost her mother. Now, the desperation resulting from unanswered and echoing-back calls Owen Michaels is increasing. What she sees is an unexpected visit of FBI Agents along with a US Marshal, and the arrest of Owens Michaels’ boss by the FBI, her interpretation of Owens’ disappearance start to take a twisted turn. Now she questions his true identity and whether or not what he said was true.

Now, Hannah and Bailey both start to pursue the truth about his identity and realize that they are setting out for a future unanticipated by Hannah and Bailey.

9.     A Slow Fire Burning

Author: Paula Hawkins.

Published: 2021.

Genre: Suspense books. Mystery, thriller, literary fiction.

A man is found murdered gruesomely in a London houseboat, which triggers the questioning of three women who knew him.

Laura is a troubled one-night stand who was last seen in the victim’s home. As for Carla, she is an aunt of the victim undergoing grief who did not recover from the death of another family member before the murder of this young man. Now the last one in this list that’s brought into questioning is a nosy neighbour, Mariam. She is hiding some secrets from the police. However, for some reason, what’s common among them is raging resentment and a gushing sense of redress. So, who among these pious could have twisted enough to take vengeance?

So, which one excites you the most? Was it strong enough to make you jump right out of your sofa and push you to the edge of placing the order? Make sure to accompany your shelf with the best suspense books!

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