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From an early age, my two greatest passions have been music and writing. But with no great voice like Freddie Mercury, or Elvis were blessed with, and not able to play any instrument, I leave music-making to others. I simply listen, chill, and admire talent. So writing: conjuring up characters, placing them in fictional worlds where they come to life in a reader’s imagination; that’s my true passion and will always remain so. Since having a poem published many years ago, I’ve been compelled to write. Training as a proofreader enabled me to help others share stories they wanted to share; a rewarding experience.Like most people, life has thrown many obstacles in my path. I raised four children, one with cerebral palsy, one with autism, and have suffered numerous broken bones due to an enduring fascination with two-wheeled transport, powered by pedals, or engines.

I’ve worked for the RSPCA, as a HGV driver, and assisted individuals with mental health issues. I now own a pet shop on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors.That brings me to Laura’s Last Words, without doubt, the best story I’ve penned to date. After almost attracting a couple of agents, I decided to self publish as I believe in the story, and was determined to see it in print. So what does it have going for it?Well, I feel each character has their own distinct voice and journey within the story. The twists in the plot are natural and not forced, it’s not an all out thriller, more a thrilling story, and ultimately ends with a sense of hope that doesn’t seem possible at the beginning.Training as a counselor truly helped me get “inside the head” of one main character, whilst losing a beloved sibling enabled me to associate with another character’s overwhelming sense of loss and blinkered pursuit for justice.Believe me, tears were spilled when writing three chapters in particular, and if you read Laura’s Last Words you’ll probably work out which ones.Feedback, so far, has been extremely positive. So, if you’re looking for a thrilling story in which lies are offered from loved ones, and an unexpected bond forms between two strangers, who ultimately solve hidden crimes that link them, Laura’s Last Words could well be the book for you.

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